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  • MAG ECO Overview:

Lime scale buildup, calcium buildup and soap scum are costly trouble that can be eliminated with MagSOFT Water Conditioner. Our water descaler and anti scalar for your residence/home provides a healthy, environment friendly, maintenance free solution to hard water problems not restricting to scaling. MagSOFT saves your home, plumbing system, Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters and all another home appliances from the damage due to hard water. MagSOFT is a salt-less water conditioner which means there is no recurring maintenance or recurring cost. MagSOFT is an eco-friendly and healthy alternative that is at the less than half the price of a water softener. No more worry of buying salt, wasting water and polluting environment.

The new Magsoft ECO Models are economically priced and can be installed by the homeowner with the help of any plumber.

Magsoft removes the lime scale deposits thus prolonging the life of…

» Piping system
» Dishwasher
» Washing Machine
» Faucets
» Sinks
» Humidifiers

» Water heater
» Tankless heaters
» Toilets
» Shower heads
» Coffee makers
» Radiant heating

On the installation of Magsoft Water Cnditioner, you will come to know about the numerous benefits of limescale treatment and water purification:

» Soap will lather up more and rinse off faster & easier
» Skin will feel smoother and hair more shiny
» Brighter, whiter and longer lasting clothes, towels & sheets
» Extended life and enhanced operation of appliances and fixtures that come in contact with hard water


Your new MagSOFT electronic water conditioner make your water lather up more, skin feel smoother, and hair more soft & manageable. You will acknowledge less soap scum allowing soap and detergents to work more effectively. Cleaning becomes less of a bother as stains on sinks, basins, walls and toilets can now be easily wiped away.
The deposited hard lime scale in your pipeline or wall will start dissolving back into the treated water. Magsoft will also inhibit the formation of new scale. Shower or faucet or tap heads will no longer clog up with lime scale.
Your appliances such as water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, that make contact with water will operate more proficiently. The heating elements (Coil) of the water heater will be cleaned out as the scale will be removed and will last much longer than before. Your water pressure as well as temperature may increase in less time thus saving your electricity bill. You will see brighter, more white, milder and longer enduring garments, towels and sheets.

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