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Frequently Asked Questions:

First and foremost the MagSOFT Water Conditioner is a water problem solver. With a proven track our unique product has helped thousands of people solve their water problems and improve their water quality. It can help you too…

If you experience scaling anywhere in your water system, including your taps or geyser at home, MagSOFT Water Conditioner reduces or eliminates this scale build up saving you in energy (electricity for heating water, washing machine etc) and maintenance costs (replacement of elements)

You can use it virtually anywhere where you use water. Applications include:-

  • Household / Domestic
  • Evaporative Air Conditioners and Cooling Towers
  • Farm/Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Poultry Farms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Aquaculture
  • Hydroponics

MagSOFT Water Conditioners work effectively on water with both high and low mineral concentrations: especially lime; soda; calcium carbonate and saline waters. MagSOFT improves water from town supplies, bores, springs, creeks, rivers and wells. We have experienced very good results in all areas.

Yes. tests have affirmed that you can look forward to a reduction of 50% in the concentration of residual chlorine in MagSOFT conditioned water. This decrease is due to the freeing of the chlorine artificially trapped between the mineral particles of the water before being conditioned. It is freed into the atmosphere in gaseous form . With a MagSOFT system fitted you get the benefits of chlorination, but without the taste.

Turbidity (the measure of the degree to which the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particulates) is caused by microscopic suspended particles in your water supply. Laboratory tests confirm a decrease of 20% in the turbidity of the conditioned water. Your MagSOFT Conditioner causes the mineral particles to repel each other, separate and become smaller. Because there is less light refraction from the smaller particles your water becomes clearer. This is especially evident in swimming pools.

You will have greener, healthier more robust growth with less water. You can also look forward to increased yields, which means more profitability because the better "wetting action" of conditioned water improves soil texture by surrounding individual soil particles with tiny droplets of conditioned water. Not only does your soil become more permeable but also it is able to retain its moisture content for longer periods; by improving the permeability, salts which previously accumulated around root systems and in the soil are leached away and do not reform. Plant stress is relieved and improved growth is noticed in weeks – sometimes only days; and mineral particles and salts in the conditioned water no longer adhere to leaves to the same extent and what's more, leaf burn is reduced considerably – a major benefit.

Yes. Conditioned water is absorbed more rapidly into the ground and therefore reduces evaporation. Consequently watering time is shortened which means you save three valuable resources – water, energy and money. We suggest reducing your watering time by up to 20%. In fact some customers report water savings of 30%.

In conditioned water the mineral particles repel and lose their attraction to each other and the surfaces of pipes, elements, valves, rods and other equipment. Being a solvent, the water now slowly etches, loosens and dissolves the existing scale and rust from the system. We have found that once clean your system will stay clean!

Provided it is installed properly and maintained, your MagSOFT Water Conditioner will last you a lifetime. It has no complex moving parts to wear out so you'll enjoy big savings for years to come. The conditioner is made from high quality material which is extremely resistant to corrosion. Under normal circumstances they do not require replacing.

The MagSOFT Water Conditioner neutralizes the negative influence of mineral particles, which otherwise tend to hinder the filter's performance and reduce the working life of reverse osmosis membranes. Installing a MagSOFT unit before the carbon or reverse osmosis filter, keeps the filter cleaner and greatly improves its efficiency. We have seen longevity of membranes and filter cartridges extended by several times

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