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Prevent your house , prevent yourself using Magsoft .


Harvest will not only survive but will thrive even in the hard water using magsoft water conditioner


Commercial equipments will last more , utilize less energy and require less support with Magsoft Water conditioners

MagSOFT - An Alternative Water Softner

Magsoft is a maintenance-free, salt & chemical-free alternative to water softeners for: Residential, Agriculture, and Industrial applications. Lime scale will no longer form in the pipes or on equipment that comes in contact with hard water. Magsoft lowers the saturation level of hard water, so that new lime scale is prevented and any existing scale is dissolved back into the water.

Hard Water and The Fact

Effects of Hard Water

Solution of Hard Water


Eco- Friendly
Magsoft Water Conditioner act on the chemical bonds of the minerals in the water to make it feel 'softer'.

Highly Cost Effective
Energy and Monetary gain. Saves Energy, Costs of replacements and frequent breakdowns due to scale formation.

Maintenance Free
100% Maintenance FREE Water Conditioner.


Fit and Forget
Water Conditioner has no moving parts or doesn't require any replacement. So just fit and forget.

No Salt, No Chemical, No Additive
Magsoft Water Conditioner Softener does not add chemicals or remove any minerals from the water flow.

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