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About Us

Our company was founded by two young mechanical engineers in 2014 in suburbs of Nagpur, India . As the city started to expand, they realised the increasing problems people faced at their homes, industries and agriculture due to the use of hard water. Hardness of water is caused due to dissolved mineral impurities, specifically Calcium and Magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates. These impurities make the water unfit for use and over course of time, the channels that carry the hard water tends to accumulate lime scale. These engineers researched extensively and found that the solutions that are available in market like chemical treatment, scale inhibitors and expensive water softener systems not fit for domestic and agriculture use. Removing entire essential salts from water through chemical treatment also renders drinking water unhealthy. In fact, World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that you get 10 - 20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink.

So, they devised a technique under MagSOFT (patent number here) to treat the hard water electromagnetically which will not interfere with the chemical composition of water and also make it scale free without any hassles of installation and maintenance in a very economical way. MagSOFT is installed on the water channels and the molecular shape of the deposited lime salts are modified by strong electromagnetic waves as a result of which the lime salts loose their deposition over internal walls and coagulates to form spherical crystals and gets carried away with the flow of water, thus making it completely scale free and prevents any further scale deposition.

This kind of proven and chemical-free treated water technology not only improves the efficiency and life of water-based equipments but also yields good crop quality in agriculture, best for domestic and industrial purposes.

Since our establishment, we are now leading in manufacturing this cutting edge technology and have served and helped many industries and agriculturists. All of our products are engineered, designed and assembled as per the specification under ISO 9001:2008 which certifies the quality and services of MagSOFT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our company looks forward to the continued challenge of protecting the environment along with the health of human race.

We offer best customer service both pre-installation and post-installation and are reachable by all means of email and telephone 24/7. We aim to deliver in shortest possible time with warranty for 1-2 years depending on the MagSOFT model.

Our Vision

To be a socially responsible brand making a difference in people's lives by affecting all- pervasive area where water exists and be the most respected and valued company in the global water industry.

  • Our Mission

MagSoft's motto revolves around helping the society to be safe, clean and healthy. Passion for delivering with excellence has always motivated us to come up with high quality products to ensure satisfaction and well being of the families.

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